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We are here for a reason.

You and I have been placed here, on this Earth, with the messy and beautiful gifts that we possess for a reason.


Our passion lies in creating more sacred and cozy containers within which more moonflowers, like you, can move through the darkness to find the beautiful light found inside, and bring that light to the world, in your own magical way.

moonflower offer us the reminder that, we too, can blossom withint the dark


The Moonflower Path offers highly-

sensitive, creative, and earth-loving souls

a cozy space to honour and nourish

their unique gifts through somatic self-care

practices and earth-based rituals.


For sensitive souls to be in
harmony with themselves and
in a dance with the Earth.


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We approach teaching as an equal and a guide to encourage innate body-intuition. This experience is a two-way street. Vulnerability and transparency direct every

interaction we have with our community so we can create a truer connection from an
honest space.


We also encourage honest reflection in the students that show up for themselves. To witness where they are at with presence and non-judgment.



Kindness, care and compassion seep into everything aspect of this work.


Care to ourselves.

Care to each other.

Care to the
natural world.



Permission and intuition

permeate every aspect of this community. Permission to support and move in the way serves the student. Outlining the structure of class so folks feel informed and grounded and not using any pressuring language. Space is always given to the student to make their own decision no matter what my guidance is -- they are their best guide.


Also, accessible pricing opportunities to this practice remains available to all.


Ensuring that all feel welcome, safe, and comfortable in this space is paramount. Here are the ways we are continuing to unlearn the ways that we contribute to inaccessible self-care as well as the ways we are committing to do our part for each other and for the planet. 

- We offer pay-what-you can options to anyone who asks. Whether you are from the LGBTQIA2S+ community, the BIPOC community, or are struggling with funds right now, you are welcome here. Please reach out, and we will try our best to offer you a pay-what-you can spot [limited]. Email address is found at bottom of page.

- For every purchase you make with The Moonflower Path, we donate $1 to an indigenous-run charity, so you can know that your purchase directly goes towards reconciliation with the Earth and its original caretakers. 

- On a more micro-scale, in every single class you are offered full space and permission to listen to your own intuition. Modifications, variations, and permission are always offered for you to modify and support your body in every practice.

Sensitivity — Moonflowers are white flowers that when they bloom they open up into a round shape similar to that of the full moon. The magical and beautifully symbolic nature of the Moonflower is that they only blossom in the evening. A reminder that for some the darkness can be a conduit to thriving. They are delicate and sensitive to small changes in light.


If I think of folks who are highly sensitive there are so many similarities: the commonality of darkness (struggles with self-doubt, hiding, mental health, and/or feeling a little like an outsider) yet regardless of those facts the blossoming is equally true. When moonflowers are given the right environment to thrive, they are truly beautiful — just like you. Also, moonflowers are poisonous, and I can’t help the witchy/mischievous vibes of that symbolism. 

Creativity — When cared for properly and with love moonflowers are absolutely gorgeous and come in a wide array of colours. When moonflowers (and again I’m kinda flip flopping here and moonflower could be seen as the actual flower or the person lol) are given the opportunity to thrive, the result of that is magical and needed. We need more radical beauty in our dark and chaotic world. 

Earth-connection — With the connection between the moon and datura, there’s an acknowledging that we are not separate from the natural world. Not only that but we are in true relationship with the Earth. Through caring for ourselves, allowing our creative and intuition to be explored, a beautiful connection and regenerative relationship can be found with the Earth. 


Your sensitivity allows you to be more attuned to the subtle shifts in the rhythms of the seasons, the lunar cycles, and so much more. The more we can learn more about the Earth, the more we can learn about ourselves, and vice versa. To be in harmony with ourselves is to be in a dance with the Earth. 

Living life as a moonflower means you claim your need for softness, darkness, slowness, intention, love, care, feeling, magic, authenticity, connection, and so much more.


But there’s no destination that we’re trying to get to here. There’s no finish line. There’s no point in time where you’ll get to say “ah finally, I now know it all, I’ve now healed everything, I now 100% of the time know of to take care of myself.” No, the beauty of life is that’s it’s a path. A path that runs through rocky terrain, vast meadows, has pitstops by the fireside, homesteads along the way to rest, and friends to accompany you along the way.


So, together, we walk the path of the moonflower. 

Walking the path of the moonflower


I've always been a big feeler. It's forever been:

my biggest light -- super passionate, creative, giggly, extroverted, curious

and biggest darkness -- reactive outbursts, depression, labelled as "too much"

I know what it's like to feel like I'm not made for the world, like I can't trust myself, like I'm not worthy of caring for or loving myself. For years, I let the darkness take over. My depression was just a nasty part of who I was, and it was something I told myself I deserved because I was always just "too much" for the world. While the darkness took over my insides, I silenced all the parts of my sensitivity that made me soft and magical, and instead put on a hard outer shell that convinced me that the only way to walk through the "harshness" of the world was to also just "toughen up" and "conform". 

It wasn't until I experienced debilitating panic attacks, through ignoring who I am under the armour, that I began to make radical changes around accepting the softer sides of my sensitivity, prioritizing my self-care, and exploring all the ways my sensitivity, creativity & intuition could be used for good in my life, in the life of others, and for the Earth. I have come back home to myself. 


Gemini Sun

Gemini Moon

Scorpio Rising

Enneagram 8 - The Challenger

Human Design - Generator








Doodle mama

Cozy mystery reader


Carolynne Colbeck is a Yoga and Self-Care Guide who teaches highly-sensitive, creative, and earth-loving souls how to honour and nourish their unique gifts through cozy and accessible somatic practices and earth-based rituals. She has creatively worked in the wellness industry for over 10 years and considers herself an eternal student of living the practice of yoga.


Her work is inspired by her belief that the end result of honoring your body’s wisdom should be to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with the Earth.


She deeply knows what it’s like to struggle with mental health or overwhelming physical symptoms from not honoring your body, and passionately brings that experience into gently supporting folks no matter what part they find themselves on their self-care journey – you are welcome here, and she looks forward to walking alongside you on your path.


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