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You might be thinking "but wait, isn't this a self-care business?"... yes, yes it is. 

And what's more self-care giving than eating delicious baked goods made with the love of plants! This is our way of furthering our vision of creating a world where sensitive souls are in
harmony with themselves and in a dance with the Earth -- through food!

Recipes used in the baked goods we provide, help inspire the recipes provided to our moonflower members. What's that you ask? Check it out!

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We love to play with plants! Every baked good contains some sort of

edible flower, herb, fruit, or vegetable​.


Products (upon seasonal availability):


Dandelion Shortbread

Lemon Thyme Shortbread

Lemon Lavender Oatmeal


Cheddar & Herb

White Chocolate & Pansy

Lilac & Honey

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Carrot Cake

Zucchini Chocolate

Strawberry Lemonade

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