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We live in a world that is consistently trying to convince you not to trust yourself, that you aren't worthy of care, that you need to be loud and fast to fit in, and that you are seperate from the Earth. This is so false, darling. It's time to come back home to yourself.


The Moonflower Path offers highly-sensitive, creative, and earth-lovings souls a cozy space to honour and nourish their unique gifts through somatic self-care practices and earth-based rituals.


This is your space to be in harmony with yourself and in a dance with the Earth.

Image by Evelyn Mostrom


The Moonflower Path, is just that: a path.

On this path, in this community space, you get to choose where you want to wander & explore on your self-care journey.

Somatic Practice

Continually nurture your relationship with your intuitive body with weekly cozy & accessible livestream movement classes. 

Somatic Self-Care

Anchor your creative and sensitive periods with self-care resources and community gatherings.

Somatic Ritual

Fill up your cup and co-regulate with monthly gatherings, seasonal rituals, and a powerful community of change-makers.




You feel disconnected from your body,

...but you wish to feel grounded and in partnership with your body.

You doubt yourself,

...but you long to trust in yourself and your gifts.

You struggle with prioritizing your self-care,

...and you wish to be gently reminded and encouraged to care for yourself, in community.

You feel like you don't fit into the fast-paced nature of the world,

...and you you're looking for a place to belong.

You feel overwhelmed by a lot of what the rest of the world seems to be able to just deal with,

...but you wish to feel supported, resourced, and hopeful.

You feel burnt out by the ups and downs of your creative journey and endeavours,

...yet you desire to feel inspired and invigorated by your dreams.

You feel tired of always caring for everyone else in your life,

...and you wish to have a place to be cared for.

You feel stuck and powerless by the state of the Earth,

...and you long to connect to the Earth through ritual + impact.

At last, I no longer feel intimidated.
For years, I didn't take Yoga classes because I could never - " it right". With Carolynne, however, I have learned that ...there is no such thing as doing Yoga a certain "way". I love it when you tell us that Yoga is a PRACTICE and
there is no one correct method.


Moonflower, you are deeply needed.


Your ability to care as deeply as you do, create as beautifully as you do, and dream as boldly as you do is deeply needed in this messy world we live in. The Earth needs it. Our communities need it. Our relationships need it. The oppressive systems our culture is built on needs it.

But... you know the saying: you can't pour from an empty cup.

If you don't care for, honour in, and trust in that beautiful intuitive-body of yours, then you can't share the beautiful gifts you have inside of you, with the world outside of you.


In this space, we start, with the body. From there, deep connection blossoms and beautiful creativity emerges. 



Somatic simply means "pertaining to the body". So, here we explore that through yoga + mindful movement. In these cozy and accessible practices you are held and gently guided as you explore what it looks like and feels like to tend to your body, heart, and mind. The weekly livestream practices span a wide array of styles from guided movement to restful stillness to intuitive exploration. We aim to ensure that you are offered many modifications, variations, and ways to use props so you feel well equipped to support your body on your mat, and off of your mat. All mobility levels and abilities are welcome. 

In this space, self-care is defined as anything that helps you feel more aligned, more supported, more like yourself. Well, you live in your body darling, so to feel more like yourself we start with the body. This isn't your typical self-care membership -- we aren't here to give you a laundry list of products you need to buy, health fads to follow, or told what you "should" do to take care of yourself. Here, you are your best guide. This is authentic, attuned, you call the shots type of self-care. You will have access to a self-care library full of resources -- consider them sacred containers -- within which you are held as you tune into your own wisdom, explore your own answers, and given full permission to be your weird, magical, creative, and beautiful self. 

Rituals are such beautiful anchors in a chaotic world. Anything can be a ritual! As simple as your morning coffee ritual or as extravagant as an evening filled celebrating the latest solstice. In this space, we turn to the cycles and rhythms of the natural world to create meaning and connection in ourselves, with each other, and with the Earth. You are a moonflower, after all, darling. With all the caring you do for others, let the Earth care for you by showing you her magic and wisdom. Every month we gather to create ritual around a seasonal transition or learn more about ways we can implement more rituals into everyday life. 


Ensuring that all feel welcome, safe, and comfortable in this space is paramount. Here are the ways we are continuing to unlearn the ways that we contribute to inaccessible self-care as well as the ways we are committing to do our part for each other and for the planet. 

- We offer pay-what-you can options to anyone who asks. Whether you are from the LGBTQIA2S+ community, the BIPOC community, or are struggling with funds right now, you are welcome here. Please reach out, and we will try our best to offer you a pay-what-you can spot [limited]. Email address is found at bottom of page.

- For every purchase you make with The Moonflower Path, we donate $1 to an indigenous-run charity, so you can know that your purchase directly goes towards reconciliation with the Earth and its original caretakers. 

- On a more micro-scale, in every single class you are offered full space and permission to listen to your own intuition. Modifications, variations, and permission are always offered for you to modify and support your body in every practice.


Can I attend a livestream class without joining the community space?

As a way of supporting past Yoga with Carolynne members in the transition into this membership, 10-class passes are available. These passes will only be available as a transitionary support, and will be eliminated within the next year. I appreciate desiring the freedom and flexibility to attend classes when it suits your schedule, yet I am deeply proud of and believe in the magic that happens within the container of a membership where you are held accountable by your fellow community members

and through investing in your self-care.

Can I attend a ritual/gathering/workshop without being a member?

No you can not. Due to the way the self-care supports are created, they coincide with each other, and to simply attend a gathering would leave you ill equipped without the accompanying self-care resources in the resource library. There is a concrete and very intentional way that the membership is created; The Fireside tier is the top tier because the assumption is that to join that tier means you have a basis of knowledge around attuning to your body and honouring the Earth.

However, you can absolutely join The Fireside tier JUST for the month of the gathering you wish to attend!

I'm a past Yoga with Carolynne member, and I'm curious as to why the prices have increased?

In order for me to be able to effectively and sustainably run this business, things have been needing to change for a while. The investment in the new platform has been a decision to have more systems in place, to free up my own time to be able to better serve you and create more supportive self-care resources for you, instead of spend countless hours on administrative tasks. The finances in this investment, as well as the need to factor in inflation in our cost of living has caused an increase in price.


But, let's do a little bit of math:

Previous cost of a series: $130CAD / $13 a class

Previous cost of a workshop: $55-$77

With the data I have over the past two years of running this business, the average member registers for:

2 weekly series + 1 seasonal workshop = $337 a season / $112 a month

That price is LESS than the cost of 2 out the 3 membership tiers.

PLUS, you now get access to about 3x the content, with the now included (depending on your tier):

- nourishing and engaged community of folks like you

- library of somatic self-care 

- access to ALL livestream classes AND recordings (it's $7 a class!!)

- craft & stretch gatherings

- monthly seasonal gatherings

I am incredibly proud of this new space, and I know that it will truly change your life.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can. You can also rejoin at any point.

When you rejoin, you will have access to the current pricing options, at that time.

Can I pause my membership?

Yes you can. All members have the availability to pause their membership for up to 4 weeks a year, with no penalty.

Why are there multiple tiers? I don't want to have to pick between them!

Great, you don't have to! If that's how you feel, join the top tier: The Fireside.

There are multiple tiers because they build on top of each other. I have noticed that if folks are given too much content all at once, they get overwhelmed and don't take advantage of it. That's not good for anyone! So, instead of giving you a laundry list of classes to show up to, self-care resources to implement, and gatherings to attend, right off the bat, without you knowing anything about this work, you have the option to travel along the path at your own pace.


Start with The Homestead, see what it's like to commit to a regular/weekly live practice, then as you get comfortable with that practice, you will have created the habit to show up to your self-care when your body needs it (less hand holding). You can then join The Meadow, and then after you've felt the magic of anchoring yourself through your own self-care toolkit, you might want to meet other folks like you, in community, and expand your knowledge of how you can connect with the Earth, with this new found love you've gained -- The Fireside will be there for you.

What's the community group like?

The platform we use, Hey Marvelous, has a really simple and calm community group page. It looks very similar to a Facebook newsfeed without the buzz and noise of all the extra stuff around it. You can easily post your own posts as well as comment and like other's -- and you'll be kept up to date on the latest content you have access to!

What if I can't attend a live class or gathering?

Everything is recorded and automatically uploaded to the online platform.

What's your refund policy?

As a general policy, we do not offer refunds. However, in extreme circumstances, we're happy to chat!

What are the quarterly breaks mentioned in the schedule?

I, Carolynne, am a one woman show! I am the administrator, the marketer, the teacher, and tech support ;) So, on a quarterly basis, I will take a two-week break from teaching live classes (I will never skip a monthly gathering). During that break, the live classes will be replaced with pre-recorded 60min classes sent to you at the regular day + time of your class, so you can continue your practice. But hey, you deserve a break too! So, this way we can all rest, and get back to our practice, ready for more.

But to confirm: your monthly fee will not be adjusted during those months where there is a break, because you will still be receiving the same amount of content (if not more!)

I'm a bit nervous and confused!

That's super okay and valid. My inbox is always open, so please send me an email, and I'm happy to talk through any concerns you might have. My email address is found at the bottom of this page.

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Free Resource

Free Resource

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