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Podcast EP14: When you're feeling creatively empty

Well... this was not the episode I planned to record! But, there's magic in vulnerability and authenticity. In this episode this is a real-time share on what it can look like and sound like to be creatively empty and the ways in which you can lovingly care for yourself through that. This is real Carolynne sharing with you, unedited, and un scripted. Thank you for holding space for my words, moonflower.

"Create" is the theme we're exploring in The Moonflower Path Community in May, so if this is something you'd love some more support with, we'd love to have you join this cozy space.

Resources mentioned:

Curiosity Prompts:

  1. Would you consider yourself someone who is creative?

  2. How do you define creativity?

  3. How has creativity served and supported you in your life?

  4. How has creativity felt like a burden sometimes in your life?

  5. Would you consider creativity more something that comes from you, or gives back to you? Do you tend to use creativity as a self-care tool, or is creativity something that comes from you having practiced self-care? Or is it both?

  6. What would it look like for you to use your own definition of creativity and carve out some time to nurture that part of you this month?

  7. What role does your body play in your creative self?

  8. What role does curiosity play in your life?

  9. Is there one thing that you’re struggling in your life right now that you could use your curious and creative nature to lovingly address?

  10. If you shed all the shoulds around what creativity should look like or should mean or should say about who you are… how would that change the way you play with your creativity?

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