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Podcast EP27. Gently Grieving w/ Counsellor: Mady Harber

Let's talk about REAL self-care during challenging times; gently grieving. In this conversation with Counsellor, Mady Harber, we talk about:

  • Mady’s personal story and journey with grief, and how it’s shaped how she shows up as human and a counsellor

  • The somatic side of grieving

  • How we all experience grief in different forms and different ways and how to support yourself through its ups and downs

  • How to gently support a friend in their grieving process

  • What to expect in the very special Gently Grieving workshop happening in The Moonflower Path Community Space later this month – which you can register for today!

This is a very tender and vulnerable conversation, and I feel so honored that Mady felt comfortable to share as she did, because I know you’ll get a lot out of it, no matter what your relationship with grief is.

About our guest:

Mady (she/her) is a registered social worker, counsellor and the Clinical Director of Burn Bright Counselling. Burn Bright Counselling is a queer affirming counselling practice specializing in supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community. She has lived on unceded Lekwungen and WSANEC territories (otherwise known as Victoria, BC) for the past 10 years. Mady is also a daily griever. It is through her intimate relationship with grief that she has been able to understand what an important part of healing, growing and living that grief plays. Mady seeks grounding and stability in time by the ocean, in the forest and on her skates (playing roller derby!).

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