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Podcast EP6: Lunar Living

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

I would say that turning to the wisdom of the moon is one of the top most supportive and nourishing supports on a moonflower's path -- a moonflower being YOU -- a sensitive, creative, and earth-loving soul. So, if you're ready to embrace who you TRULY are and see what magic can come out from that, then this is the episode for you. I’ll share with you what my take is on lunar living, how you might find support from this somatic ritual, as well as share a few resources you can turn to to expand upon this episode.

Resources shared in this episode: The Moon Book Moonbeaming Podcast Dana Daponte - Art Journaling w/ the moon Moon Calendar App Please subscribe, REVIEW, and share this podcast with a friend, so we can grow this moonflower community! Thank you for listening! Come join the community: Visit our website Register for the newsletter Follow us on Instagram Come hang out on YouTube

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