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Podcast EP25. How to create your own Self-Care Toolkit

I just came back from being away on vacation in Greece for two weeks with my family, and I brought with me my little traveling self-care toolkit. I thought it would be fun to talk you through my process in creating it, how it serves and supports me, and how you can create one for yourself!

Prompts to create your own:

  • Why do you want to create a self-care toolkit? What needs and desires do you see it serving?

  • What are your values? How might your self-care toolkit help you live out by those values?

  • Where and how do you foresee yourself wanting to use your self-care toolkit? Will it be something that supports you more in practice or on-the-go? Or both?

  • In the situations answered in prompt 3, what do you find you need or want the most support with?

Resources mentioned:

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