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guiding you to trust your body-intuition through somatic self-careso you can find home and shift culture

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A taste of the support you will enjoy in this space

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The Moonflower Path is found and led by Yoga and Self-Care Guide Carolynne Colbeck. She has creatively worked in the wellness industry for over 10 years and considers herself an eternal student of living the practice of yoga.


Her work is inspired by her belief that the end result of honoring your body’s wisdom should be to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with the Earth.


She deeply knows what it’s like to struggle with mental health or overwhelming physical symptoms from not honoring your body as a highly sensitive person, and passionately brings that experience into gently supporting folks no matter what part they find themselves on their self-care journey.


Currently, she is hibernating from guiding folks in regular yoga and self-care practices, but you can still connect with her work through the regularly updated podcast! 


At last, I no longer feel intimidated.
For years, I didn't take Yoga classes because I could never - " it right". With Carolynne, however, I have learned that ...there is no such thing as doing Yoga a certain "way". I love it when you tell us that Yoga is a PRACTICE and
there is no one correct method.

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