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Cozy Gaming as Self-Care with YouTuber Iona

Cozy Gaming as a form of self-care! This conversation is for you regardless of if you’ve never played a video game in your life or you’ve already an avid gamer. I 100% believe that cozy gaming is a wonderful addition to anyone’s self-care toolkit, and in this episode you will quickly learn why.

Iona and I talk about:

- How cozy gaming can actually be a healthy form of self-care

- How Iona practices self-care in her own life

- How to get into cozy gaming as someone who’s never played before

- Below you’ll find the list of games we talk about

Cozy Game List:

Any RPG on easy mode!

About our guest:

Iona is a queer chaotic Brit who loves cozy games, and all things Nintendo. She started her channel because she couldn’t find many other women talking about Nintendo games on YouTube, so she just decided to become that person instead. And fun fact, she also have a PhD in chemistry!

Or you can watch the video on YouTube!

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