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Podcast EP20. Connect with your "why" as a creative with Creative Coach: Nicole Colbeck

Connect with your “why” as a creative, redefine your own version of what a successful and happy creative life can look like (instead of feeling trapped by other people’s expectations), and learn the value of self-care and support on your creative path. This is an insightful and cozy conversation with creative coach: Nicole Colbeck.

About our guest:

From creative coaching to music career strategy, and from one-on-one sessions to group settings, Nicole has dedicated her career to holding place for creatives, encouraging them to aim for their highest stars and done all that she could to help them navigate the world around them in sustaining and life-giving ways. She began this little acorn part of her journey in November of 2010, with a focus on artist management partnerships; She also consult with artists on project-to-project basis. Whether working with creatives on individual adventures or strategizing with them through long term career plans, her goal is to offer insights which are both fresh and seasoned to help carve out their creative practice. In career development, Nicole promises a perfect blend of irreverence, integrity and respect for what's gone before.

⁠⁠Nicole's website⁠⁠

Nicole will be guiding a special workshop in The Moonflower Path Community Space called: Creativity Through Play. Together we’ll briefly explore the crucial role of the body in creativity. We’ll check in with our own bodies and play with colour, shape, and our senses. Through playful creativity, we’ll discover how our bodies guide how we create.

🌼 Become a moonflower member, in The Fireside tier, to join this workshop and MANY other cozy self-care resources, today!

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