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Podcast EP29. Seasonal Rituals to Celebrate Samhain

Tune in to this episode to learn more about the lessons found in and the history of Samhain! You'll also get a little lunar forecast on what's happening with the moon for the next 6 weeks and of course a lovely list of seasonal + somatic rituals to help you celebrate this seasonal transition. Brew yourself a magical cup of tea, put on your cozy witch hat, and listen in, moonflower!

Resources Mentioned:

🌙 Lunar Forecast [October to November 2023]

October 23: start of scorpio season [water]

October 28: full moon, partial lunar eclipse

November 13: new moon scorpio to sagittarius

November 22: start of sagittarius season [fire]

November 27: full moon gemini [full moon always in opposite of sun sign]

December 12: new moon in sagittarius

December 21: winter solstice + start of capricorn season [earth]

December 26: full moon gemini to cancer

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