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Podcast EP21. Seasonal Rituals: Celebrating the Summer Solstice

In seasonal ritual episodes, you are offered the opportunity to explore your own relationship with seasonal transitions through somatic ritual and intuitive self-care. Litha (AKA Summer Solstice) is the longest day of the year, welcoming in the start of Summer, recognized on June 21.

In this episode Carolynne talks about:

+ the themes of Summer

+ lunar seasonal forecast

+ a few seasonal rituals you might want to explore

Resources mentioned:

⁠Little Witch Hazel by Phoebe Wahl⁠

⁠Gratitude Fire Ritual to Celebrate Litha⁠

⁠Rituals for Life by Isla Macleod⁠

Summer Podcast Listening:

⁠EP2. Prioritizing Self-Care⁠

⁠EP5. Seasonal Living⁠

⁠EP10. My experience as an HSP⁠

⁠EP17. Moonflower PepTalk⁠

⁠EP19. Self-Care Supports for Summer as an HSP

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